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Racks Audio Design are made in Greece, designed by Mr. Vangelis Issichopoulos (Architect NTUA), are hand-crafted to a great extent, carefully matched and available in various sizes for audio and TV/Home Cinema purposes.

These are made of selected solid beech wood and reinforced metallic frames which are adjustable in various heights, by means of a perforated metal plate, in order to render the rack adaptable to any type and size of equipment.

Shelves are made of 20 mm thick MDF, veneered in natural beech and supported by 4 spikes per frame.

Alternatively, the rack is available with CORIAN shelves. CORIAN, a DuPont Company product, demonstrates a largely neutral character, an excellent handling of vibrations along with an immensely uniform sonic response. The 20 mm thick shelves will be finished in natural veneer, so as to remain identical to the standard version ( it takes only 2 milliseconds to eliminate any vibration  according the diagram) .

The whole rack rests on 4 adjustable 3,5 cm aluminium cones. A 5- shelve rack weighs about 50 kgr (MDF version) and is intended to hold up to 200 kgr of equipment.

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Mr. Isichopoulos,He was born in 1957 in Athens, where he still lives.
His basic education was followed by Architectural Studies in Torino and Greece. He graduated in 1983 from the National Metsovio Technical University.