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Assembling the Rack


·        The wooden frame either left of right is carefully placed in horizontal position (1).

Shelf frames (2) are loosely mounted in the desired positions/level. Consequently, the second wooden frame is positioned in parallel to the first and Allen screws (3) are now tightened. It is recommended that no excessive tension should be exercised.

·        The cones (4) are inserted into the lower part of the frames and the rack is leveled using the leveler on both sides of the frame (1).

·        The 4 spikes (5) are positioned on the shelf frame – two inserted in the front side, two in the rear.

·        The shelves (6) are seated on the aspective frames and are leveled by means of the spikes.

·        The rack is ready, you can enjoy your system…



If you intend to change the level of a shelf or to insert a new shelf, you should first loosen Allen screws of the frame (left and right) so that the shelf can be easily moved, without the risk of damaging either the plate paint or the wood. Once the final position has been secured, make sure that all screws have been tightened.

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Assembling the Rack